Big Vision, Tiny Footprint

Tiny Escapes was founded in 2018 by wife and husband co-founders, Bryanna and Stanley Cole Glod Ocitti, with a vision of curating uniquely elevated tiny vacation home rental experiences. 

Our mission is to create one-of-a-kind nature immersion experiences for the adventurous individual that support a deep connection with nature and a smaller footprint on the planet. 

To date, we have designed, built, and shared 5 unique tiny homes and have plans for several more in the future!

Tiny Beginnings

The idea of Tiny Escapes was initially sparked in 2017 after we experienced tiny living for the first time. We built our custom 128 sq. ft. tiny abode with the help of HGTV featured builder, Randy Jones of Incredible Tiny Homes. After 8 months in the gorgeous tiny space, we were thoroughly sold on the benefits of tiny living. We all but eliminated our bills, spent less time on cleaning and maintenance (as with larger homes), and more time on the simple things like walks in nature and  enjoying each other's company. We also loved that this lifestyle allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint, something that we both felt passionate about. 

From Corporate America to Tiny Home Entrepreneurs

After careful reflection, we decided to escape the corporate grind once and for all to live a more intentional life by downsizing in material things and upsizing our quality of life.  We relocated to the gorgeous mountains of Western North Carolina with the intention of creating a unique tiny vacation home rental business, which would soon be dubbed Tiny Escapes.

Alternative Backgrounds Lead to Unique Visions

Growing up, both our backgrounds exposed us to alternative styles of living that influenced our desire and vision for Tiny Escapes. 

Bryanna grew up in rural Western Massachusetts where sustainable modes of living, like composting and the use of renewable energy sources, are common.  Always a passionate advocate for renewable energy and sustainability, she worked in the renewable energy industry after graduating with a MS in Energy Systems Engineering. She brings a thirst continuing that work with Tiny Escapes, offering a unique vacation experience immersed in nature with a smaller footprint on the planet. 

Stanley grew up in East Africa and throughout Europe where living in smaller spaces is much more common than here in the US. As an ex international professional basketball player, Stan took his experience of living in smaller spaces in many different countries, including Japan, Norway, UK, and Uganda, and wasn't afraid to go one step further to 'live tiny. At 6'8" tall, Stanley demonstrates that people of all shapes and sizes can live tiny and still be comfortable.